Lectures On Other Religions and Religious Figures
Topic Speaker Date Location* Language
The Three Jewels of Buddhism Swami Tyagananda 5/10/09 Boston English
The Story of Rama Swami Tyagananda 4/5/09 Boston English
Story of Shiva Swami Tyagananda 2/7/10 Boston English
God & Truth in Sikhism: It’s All Ice Cream, Just Different Flavors Sir Karm Singh Khalsa 11/8/09 Boston English
Story of Chaitanya Swami Nispapananda 2/28/10 Boston English
Rama Lakshamana Dialogue Swami Yogatmananda 3/21/10 Boston English
The Message of Easter Swami Tyagananda 3/4/10 Boston English
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